Parish Council

Your Parish Councillors are:

Councillor Phone Email
Mike Boffey (vice chair) 01948 871250 [email protected]
Terry Bailey 01270 811551 [email protected]
John Childs 01270 811927 [email protected]
Cheryl Cooper 01270 812075 [email protected]
Sarah Callendar Beckett 01948 662880 [email protected]
Ian Barton (chairman) 01948 871375 [email protected]
Rob Vernon 01270 [email protected]
Clive Pownall 01948 [email protected]

Parish Clerk.

Your Parish Clerk is: Nick Powell. Tel: 01270 588896


Meetings are held either in the Lightwood Green Chapel, or the Burleydam Community Room.

Minutes and Agendas.

The Minutes and Agendas ar now hosted on Google Documents in pdf format. To view them click here .

Upcoming Meetings.

The next meeting is on Monday 8th January 2018 at 7:00pm in Lightwood Green Chapel.