Upcoming Events at Burleydam Church.

Peter Little has sent me a list of events for the rest of the year at Burleydam Church.

  • Sunday 3 November 11am Special Service at Combermere Abbey
  • Sunday 10 November 9 15am Remembrance Day Service at Burleydam Church
  • Saturday 30 November 10am-1pm Advent Fayre at Church and Community Room
  • Sunday 1 December 6 30pm Christingle Service in Church ( children especially welcome)
  • Monday 16 December Carol Service at 7pm with St Christopher Chorale
  • Wednesday 25 December at 9 15am Christmas Day Church Service

Renovating the Fingerposts at Wilkesley and Goldsmiths.

The Fingerpost renovations at Wilkesley and Goldsmiths are now complete. David Gosling has done a magnificent job with the restoration which took several months. He had to make some new fingers to replace the missing ones and spent a long time cleaning and repainting the old ones.

For a gallery of photos of the Wilkesley fingerpost click here

The Wilkesley fingerpost was made by WH Smith in Whitchurch (not the news agent), the maker of the Goldsmith fingerpost in unknown.

To see the Goldsmiths fingerpost gallery click here

Click on individual photos in the gallery to see the full sized image.

Contact Details for David Gosling.

For anyone who wants to contact David for more information about restoring old signposts his contact details are:

David Gosling The Forge, Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 2HQ . His website is here